Industrial incubators


The industrial incubators are located in the conglomeration of Macchiareddu and are made up of a complex of modular warehouses, made avalaible to the companies as incubators for manufacturing or services initiatives.

The incubators' offer includes the supplying of competitively priced logistic services that aid the lowering of start-up prices for business activities.

The rent contract can be drawn up according to business needs for periods of time, extendible from 6-12 months, location cannot however exceed 12 years. The base monthly rent rate is Euro 3.50 per sqm plus VAT (see table below) for periods up to 6 years. For periods longer than 6 years the Consortium is awarded an integration of the rent rate equal to 30% of the rate in force at that moment in the years (after the sixth) the rent is paid. The rent rate is put up annually according to the ISTAT statistic indexes.

Ordinary maintenance costs are the cost of the companies located in the area, as are works within the area of the industrial incubators; such as the:

- viability costs and connected roadsigns (including company indication signs);

- illumination;

- green areas.

Surface in sq. metresRate per sq. metre Total rateDiscountTotal discounted rate
606Euro 3.50Euro 2,212.0020%Euro 1,696.80
1,321Euro 3.50Euro 4,623.5025%Euro 3,467.63
1,938Euro 3.5Euro 6,783.0030%Euro 4,748,10
2,036Euro 3.5Euro 7,126.0030%Euro 4,988.20